June 2016

God is working in amazing ways in this part of the world changing the lives of thousands of people day by day and transforming entire communities. It is simply thrilling to be a part of His great work and to be instrumental in the process of God drawing people to Himself. The work of winning souls to Jesus is much needed and good, but it is not an end in itself. There is more to the Mission of God that we are called to continue than simply adding a few more 'Christians' to the existing numbers. The Gospel narrative in Matthew describes the ministry of Jesus as, "proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness"(Mat 9:35). Jesus himself affirmed that He was sent to "proclaim the good news of the Kingdom"(Luke 4:43). What is this "good news of the Kingdom"? It is good news of humanityís liberation from bondage and reconciliation with God. In other words, it is the good news of renewal and transformation from the 'status quo'. It is also the good news of God's transforming power over individual lives and then ultimately the extension of His reign over all the earth.

Community transformation is at the heart of all of IGL's ministry and outreach. The ultimate 'big picture' vision is to witness a huge spiritual and cultural shift take place on a large scale and on a national level. Although this may sound much like a 'pipe dream' and seem unlikely, this is indeed happening. Such a shift is coming about slowly but steadily as the Gospel continues to change and transform one village after another for the better. When we talk about 'transformation', it isn't just about people getting better and their poor living conditions changing. Transformation from our stand point is about lives changed inside out and the values of God's Kingdom becoming deep seeded in the hearts and minds of people. Transformation is about a total shift from centuries-old ingrained negative cultural beliefs, practices and world views. Such transformation doesn't happen by a few random acts of mercy and love done here and there. Tiny attempts at being good and doing good will never bring about the sustainable results that are expected. True change comes about as a result of intentional planting of the gospel seed in the hearts of people, followed by consistent nurturing through discipleship, systematic teaching of the Word, training in skills and equipping for multiplication. It involves dedicated and hard work. IGL is committed to exactly this level of transformation. Everything that is said and done through IGLíS ministry is geared toward achieving this end. With your help, support and prayer IGL teams are working in and out of season without holding back in any way.

It has taken years of preparation to get to where we are. Now the ground is prepared, ready and fertile. God has called us to live and work during a period of great receptivity. The harvest is plenteous. A very unique season of God in Kingdom advancement is observed. Godís hand is seen bringing renewal and transformation in a new way. We simply cannot afford to not be a part of it. Thank you for standing with us at an exciting time such as this.

Gratefully, Sam Stephens