March 2016

"Where there is no vision people perish." Proverbs 29:18

India Gospel League invests an enormous amount of efforts and resources in its children's ministry. We do so with the conviction that the future of this nation is in the hands of today's children. They are the next generation leaders who will have the capacity to change the course of history toward the destiny God has purposed for His people. Raising a godly generation of committed leaders for the future is a vision that we have embraced over many decades.

Much is heard about the huge strides India is making in economic growth and progress. While this is true indeed, it must to be pointed out that a huge segment of the nation's population still lag behind in poverty, squalor and dire need. Those who suffer most are children. Their lives will not get any better nor will their future be any different unless urgent and intentional steps are taken for transformation. Causes that put children in crises need to be addressed with a holistic vision of the future. That is what IGL does.

We do not see our efforts merely as a children's ministry or outreach to children in the traditional way. From our perspective, Touching their lives now with the Gospel and through a variety of programs that make a difference in their spiritual, physical, social, economic and psychological wellbeing means making a difference for the future of the growing indigenous church and the future of a nation.

Further, South Asia sadly lags behind in developing able leaders for the future. Our institutions and programs are focused on holistic care for thousands of children and fully committed their leadership development as well. The challenge we face and the task ahead is enormous. Nevertheless, God who has entrusted us with this huge responsibility is far greater. We continue to move forward trusting Him to do His work through us. Much more remains to be done and the needs grow in proportion. May I urge you to pray and strengthen our hands as we reach out to the most deserving of God's children with His love. Your support is making a difference and I am grateful.