YMCA involvement and experiences : Asia Pacific Alliance


• Attended the first Asia Leaders’ general assembly in 1983 in HongKong representing the Indian movement as a youth delegate.

• Since then actively involved in providing leadership at various levels in the Asia Pacific Alliance. Attended most of the executive meetings since 1983 in various capacities.

• Participated and provided leadership contribution at the general Assemblies in Bangkok, Tozanso, Port Dickson and Manila.

• Served as Vice Chairman of the Christian Mission and Asian Studies Commission of the Asia Alliance (1988-1992)

• Served as Vice chairman of the Development committee of the Asia Alliance (1992-1996)

• Served one term as the Chairman of the Christian Mission committee (1996-2000)

• Involved in the Mission Review Process and led the team in Tozanso.

• Provided Missional direction for the program at the Manila General Assembly (1997-1998)